Crown Construction LLC

Crown Construction was founded in 2015 by Peter Glaser, whose passion for construction and carpentry have always been a driving factor in his life, with a keen eye for detail and a steady hand for precision, Peter and Crown Construction will always deliver the best of quality.

Mission Statement

Crown Construction's mission is to bring your projects to life in a hassle and worry free environment. Our passion for detail will show up in all our projects.

Krista Glaser - Boss/ Office Manager

Krista has been a CFO and business manager for multiple businesses for the last eight years. She enjoys making sure that all the details are handled accurately and efficiently. She loves working with Peter to help make our customers projects come to life.

Peter Glaser - Owner/ Project Manager

Peter grew up in the construction industry, with a father who is an architect and a contractor, Peter was always going to job sites and once old enough to, he started working for his dad and others. Peter has always been pushing his abilities and loves taking on new projects that use and test his skills and talents.

The team